Astute Medical Communications Freelance Writing and Strategic Consultancy

                UK-expertise: Delivering excellence to agency and pharma clients, globally

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Credentials and aim

Core therapy areas

ASCO member with Wellcome Prize PhD and Prize postdoctoral experience in oncology and immunotherapy:

1. 17 years' agency experience

2. Offering astute strategic insights

3. Prompt, high quality, Director-

   level freelance medical

   communications and medical

   education writing and strategic  

   & new business (proposal or

   pitching) consultancy

4. Competitive rates for agencies

   or pharma industry clients

5. Contract roles considered

6. Able to travel & work on-site


Particular in-depth expertise in:

1. Oncology (solid tumours and  

    haematological malignancies)

2. Vaccines and immunotherapies

3. Anti-infectives and antifungals

4. Rheumatology and pain

5. Diabetes and metabolic diseases

6. Rare diseases

7. Pain

8. Alzheimer's disease


10. CV (HF, AF, ACS, MI, PAD, PE,    

    and DVT)



Able to cover new therapy areas


Competitive & negotiable rates





Core services

Strategic & writing services:

1.    Medical Affairs consultancy

2.   New business development

      (proposals & pitches)

3.   Scientific platforms

4.   Comms & pubs planning

5.   Medical education plans

6.   Gap analyses, SWOTs, messaging

7.   Lifecycle management

8.   Competitor/market intelligence

9.   Strategic training initiatives

10. Digital strategy

11.   Ad board, symposium, &

      investigator meetings

12.  Market access story flow

13.  Medical writing & editing